Campus Toilet

Toilets for public use like in campus need efficiency and effectiveness not only during installation but also during its use. A college toilet needs a flush toilet system made from hard plastic material to enhance durability. Consider Washlet on this one, it is a renowned brand for durability and can support continuous flashing similar to the case of a campus toilet. The automate function, and the wireless feature makes the hyperactive campus student have less contact with the flushing system. The Japanese brand takes pride in reducing the cost of maintenance and replacement of flush handles, ideal for commercial toilet use.

Whether you use a hand sensor or a push button, their operations are almost similar. Its ability to connect to water heaters and a washlet guarantees maximum hygiene and comfort after visiting the toilet. You can even eat while in the room without getting any odor.

The features of a Washlet ideal for a campus toilet

Water cleansing structure

Under the toilet stool, a nozzle produces water in an oscillating manner to help in the cleaning of the toilet and the use. What a technology! The teenage of the campus students characterized by identity crisis hence hygiene comes paramount. You have the option to regulate the water emission to suit your taste.

Hand-free drying function

The nozzle produces warm steam to dry your hands after washing or being in contact with water. Scientists admit its psychosocial effect in allowing the muscles to contract and relax relieving the toilet user from stress or depression due to examinations and crash learning programs in universities.

Automated cleaning service

The Washlet saves the sanitation personnel on cleaning because of a self-regulated cleaning operation of the nozzle using the hot air and heat depending on the setting of the temperature knob.

Automatic closure and opening of the toilet lid

The sensor gives the toilet the power to close and open the moment you enter the room. The body completes the circuit and sends signals on your presence allowing a campus student to feel like a king or a queen. What a great way to have fun during your campus days from just visiting the toilet.

When you need to define a class and in the development of toilets then the washlet brand takes the lead. In fact, it saves the management of campus on running costs due to automation of most of the functions. In addition, it gives you the peace of mind to release yourself from the waste products.

The technological advancement of Washlet needs a professional to help in installation; the manufacturer sends their agents to come and help in installation on the campus at a cost.

Other flash toilets also offer the sanitation service to campus students. The management should have a proper disposal of waste since this is a commercial entity where you expect massive use especially when you have resident students. A good toilet in campus gives students and employees comfort, in as much as it is a regulation.


Campus Play: Air Hockey Game

 Many people hold the view that college was the best time of their lives. There are some reasons for this. People become young adults during their college years. Adulthood brings many new freedoms and responsibilities. Many teenagers who just grew into adulthood find the vast changes it brings exhilarating. They now get to live life on their terms, away from their parents. The freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want is a great change of pace, as opposed to having to obey others as earlier. Of course, adulthood also brings new challenges with it. Overcoming new challenges such as balancing work and student life brings with it a satisfaction of its own.

Spending time with friends is, by far, the best aspect of college life. College is when you finally get to live with your friends and share your life with them. Friendship takes on a new meaning as you try to navigate daily challenges such as cleaning the house and washing dishes together. While hanging out and exploring different places to eat out together is fun, most people agree that the best way to spend time with friends in college is by playing games together. Soccer and baseball are some of the most popular sports in colleges across the country. The problem with these sports though, is that they’re outdoor games. This inherently introduces some limitations regarding the place and time they can be played. Also, you’ll need to get a lot of your friends together to start a match. This is especially difficult considering that most people have their own busy lives with schedules that can be pretty inflexible at times.

All things considered, the best game to play on campus is air hockey. Anyone who’s ever played it knows how fun it is. The game involves two players hitting a puck with their paddles in the hopes of sending the puck into their opponent’s goal post. The game can take on a rapid pace as players fire the puck back and forth across the table with an ardent intent of winning. Air hockey is very underappreciated. It’s usually shrugged off as just an arcade game. However, air hockey has a lot of depth. There are many tactics and styles of play that can give a player a competitive advantage.

Air hockey requires a unique table to play. This table is responsible for creating the cushioning layer of air which reduces the friction between the puck and table and hence allows it to move faster. Let me tell you why Fat Cat Pockey Air Hockey is the best table for playing air hockey. This table is easy to assemble and reliable. It does its job well. When it’s switched on, the table’s surface is incredibly smooth, allowing for a near frictionless experience. Everything you need to start enjoying air hockey with your friends on campus is included as part of the package. This means you won’t need to buy paddles and a puck separately.

The headlining feature of the table is that it has three-in-one functionality. The table set comes with everything needed to enjoy the games of ping pong and billiards as well. This is extremely good from a value perspective since you are essentially getting three products for the price of one. If you’re bored with air hockey, you can only turn over your table to enjoy a game of billiards or ping pong instead.